Termite Monitoring System Services in Dewey Beach

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes every year. Don’t let your house become a statistic! Schedule a free consultation with a local Dewey Beach termite control company to learn more about the benefits of termite monitoring systems!

What is a Termite Monitoring System?

A termite monitoring system is a series of stations placed around your home that can detect the presence of termites before they cause significant damage to the structure. When you have a termite monitoring system in place, your local Dewey Beach termite control provider will routinely inspect the stations and apply preventative treatments as needed.

What Happens During a Termite Monitoring Service Visit?

Termite control experts perform the following actions when they visit your property to inspect your termite monitoring system:

  • Inspect the stations: The technician will first inspect the stations for signs of termite activity. This includes looking for live termites, mud tubes, and discarded wings.
  • Identify the species: If the technician finds evidence of termites, they will identify the species. This is important because different species of termites require different treatment methods.
  • Recommend a treatment plan: Based on the findings of the inspection, the technician will recommend a treatment plan.
  • Schedule follow-up visits: After the initial treatment, the technician will schedule follow-up visits to ensure the termites are gone and that the stations are still in good working order.

Choosing the Right Termite Monitoring Stations

There are two primary types of termite monitoring stations available. Both are effective, but they work in different ways.

Bait Stations

Bait stations are designed to attract termites with a wood-based material that they find appealing. Once the termites are inside the station, they feed on the bait and then return to the colony, where they spread the poison to other termites.

Detection Stations

Detection stations work by attracting termites with a piece of wood. The technician will inspect the wood for signs of termite activity and apply treatment as needed.

How Often Should Termite Monitoring Stations Be Checked?

The frequency with which your termite monitoring stations need to be checked will vary depending on several factors, including the type of station, the level of termite activity in your area, and the time of year. However, most termite control providers recommend that stations be checked at least once a year.

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